PenTouch Touch Screens

The world’s only 27-inch DICOM compliant touch screen incorporates an EIZO 27 inch monitor of your choice.

Fully adjustable for you to report in comfort the EV2780 and EV2785

Choice of Touch Options


or 10-point touch

or pen and 10-point touch

The same touch screen can be changed via firmware for any of the three touch options.

The pen-only option has zero input from any body parts, even the little finger knuckles

Fully Adjustable Ergonomic Stand

Sturdy fully adjustable frame with large rubber feet.

Adjust from horizontal to 80 degrees easily.

Or use with the original EIZO stand or VESA mount.

Ultra Clear Touch Glass

Ultra-clear capacitive touch glass with additional sensors for added accuracy.

PenTouch comes with the same 5 year warranty as the EIZO monitor.

DPI Medical Monitor Lineup

Click on the chart to see a line-up of EIZO medical monitors that are generally sold in New Zealand.

Download the DPI Medical Monitor Lineup PDF

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Firmware and Calibration Download

Downloading the PenTouch firmware and calibration package constitutes agreement to the terms and conditions below. Please read these before downloading the package.

PenTouch Firmware and Calibration Terms and Conditions

Download PenTouch Firmware and Cailbration Package

PenTouch User Manual