RadiCS provides total support for the quality maintenance and control of client monitors, covering everything from calibration to acceptance and constancy tests, calibration asset, and historical management. Complying with AAPM, DIN, IEC and other standards, RadiCS enables precise QC with easy-to-follow procedures.

Improved User-Interface and Enhanced Operability

Graphical design and icons are arranged next to the text making it easy to comprehend the functions visually and intuitively. A compendium list also enables users to check the condition of monitors instantaneously. Furthermore, RadiCS simplifies operability such as gaining access to necessary information with just one click of a mouse.

Acceptance and Constancy Testing in Easy Steps

RadiCS enables you to perform brightness, grayscale and uniformity checks that comply with AAPM TG18, DIN 6868-157, and other QC standards.

DICOM Part 14 Calibration

The built-in backlight sensor enables simplified calibration compliant with the DICOM Part 14 standard to correct the grayscale tones and brightness of the monitor. Furthermore, the use of an Integrated Front Sensor (IFS) or bundled UX2 Sensor enables higher calibration performance.

Flexible Schedule Setting

The timing of when to perform QC tasks such as daily tests or constancy tests can be set according to the needs of your institute. For example, when turning the PC on or just after a specific application is opened.

Report Generator

Results of acceptance and constancy tests and calibration history, along with all the monitor data can be created in reports or printouts

Other Features

- Historical Management and Report Generator - Continuous Asset Management
- Backlight Meter - Distinct QC for All Modes - Low-Power-Consumption with Backlight Saver - Compatible with Non-RadiForce Monitors