Ergotron Medical Carts

Medical Carts with computers, also known as computers on wheels (COW), are becoming a staple in the healthcare sector. They provide nurses with the ability to do bedside patient charting, accurately distribute medication and review doctors' orders and most recently have aided in the adoption of telehealth applications. Paired with a medical grade computer or a medical tablet, these carts help healthcare facilities provide the absolute best in patient care.

Ergotron is a world-renown designer and manufacturer of quality ergonomic office and medical equipment. For a clean, quality and un-clutered look, the Ergotron carts run smoothly, and bring everything you need for reliable mobile computing.

Choose Non-Powered, Battery or Powered Carts or add the LiFeKinnex™ Power System to any cart

LiFeKinnex Power System

Alleviate power anxiety on medical carts with this innovative battery system designed to support multiple workflows, including hot swap or on-cart charging. The three-part system—battery, smart battery dock and optional external four-bay charger—minimizes downtime by monitoring battery run-time with a LCD screen and using the unique magnetic connection feature for an easy swapping process.

Safe and reliable, Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFe) battery technology supports about twice as many cycles as Lithium Ion batteries and up to six times the amount of cycles compared to SLA batteries.

NOTE: This configuration can be built by combining separately ordered products. Select a component to get its part number.

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