RadiNET Pro Server

RadiNET Pro enables unified QC management of multiple monitors used in Picture, Archive and Communications Systems (PACS), Hospital Information Systems (HIS) and Radiology Information Management Systems (RIS) in a hospital. As well as reducing the workload of monitor administrators and maintenance service managers, this dramatically cuts monitor quality support and maintenance costs.

Maintain Quality Control for a Large Number of Monitors

For many hospitals, maintaining quality control of a large number of monitors consumes a great deal of time and labor. EIZO offers centralized management of client monitors connected to the hospital network, providing increased efficiency of monitor QC operations.

Centralized Monitor Management

RadiNET Pro enables centralized management of all client PC monitors with RadiCS software installed via the intra-hospital network. Because it is a web-based application, administrators can easily conduct monitor QC operations from anywhere in the hospital via the web browser. RadiNET Pro supports up to 8,000 monitors.

Easy-to-Use Web-Based Application

This simple web-based application offers easy access to desired information. The administrator may conduct monitor QC operations from anywhere in the hospital smoothly and promptly. The user interface incorporates a tree view which makes it easy to visually capture the structure of all controlling monitors. It also supports various resolutions which increase the flexibility of the layout.

Save Time with Remote Calibration

QC tasks such as testing and calibration using the Integrated Front Sensor (IFS) can be performed remotely. This dramatically reduces the time and effort of the users and administrators required for calibration of the monitors.

One Time Remote Setting

Settings for monitor calibration, acceptance and constancy testing, scheduling and asset management can be performed remotely. Furthermore, setting for one monitor can also be transmitted to other monitors by remote control (identical models only).

Collective Report Generator

Results of acceptance and constancy tests and calibration history, along with all the monitor data can be created in reports or printouts. For extra convenience, collective reports of multiple monitors can also be generated as one report and printed out.

Other Features

- Forecasting of Monitor Replacement

- Remote Upgrade of RadiCS Software

- CSV File Output

- Compatible with Non-RadiForce Monitors