Monitor Arms

In a hot-desking situation where quick and accurate adjustments for the position of screens is important, DPI tool-less operation monitor arms and work stations enables quick and easy adjustment.

Unclutered Work Spaces

Free up your work spaces for an uncluttered environment. Cables are managed efficiently to create a tidy work area

Tool-Less Adjustments

Being able to move the screens easily with no tools enables optimal ergonomics in a hot-desking environment. The arms are simply adjusted via the in-built pneumatic gas struts.

Prevent Damage

Expensive screens have been known to fall in situations such as earthquakes. Protect your investment buy attaching it to a permanent fixture such as a pneumatic arm.

Landscape or Portait Mode

Choose from landscape or portrait modes with the same arm. Monitors up to 31" can be supported with the DPI pneumatic monitor arms.

Dual Monitor Arm

Support two monitors from one arm.